Literary Letter # 1: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express (Rate: A)

By: Agatha Christie

Wow! What a suspense this was! Agatha Christie, known as the queen of criminal fiction has done it again. I’ve read a book by her before, it was called And Then There Were None.  I have to say that this one was just as good as Murder on the Orient Express. The spellbinding plot Agatha Christie came up with was so interesting that it forced me to read non-stop.

This book is put in three sections. The first section called “The Facts”, I have to say seemed to be boring. I didn’t really got engaged with the book. But once I finished that and moved on to the next, known as “The Evidence,” My God! The detective on the train takes 12 different alibis and along with that he also goes through everyone’s luggage, in order to find the meaning of some clues and to find out the master mind behind the whole murder.  This section was 15 sections long! But I’ll be honest, it was written in such an interesting way that I could not put the book down at all! I just wanted to read more and more. I was so eager to find out who the murderer was. It was unbelievable. Then finally the last section “Hercule Poirot sits back and thinks.” This was the part where the whole part two seemed pointless. I do not want to give away the story at all, therefore I won’t tell what happened very briefly. After the murder of Ratchett, a gangster responsible for a very tragic event that took place a long time ago in America, to which somehow all the 13 passengers were connected, led detective Poirot to question every passenger, every wagon Lit conductor, and check every room and every piece of luggage. It was surprising and was quite questionable that all the passengers were foreigners, someone was English, some American, some Swedish, even Italians, and quite a few French. But detective Poirot even had an explanation to that, which was quite good and applicable. In addition, towards the very end of the book, when we finally its time to revel the murderer who was still on board, since there was a snowdrift and the train couldn’t go anywhere nor could anyone enter or leave the train. Detective Poirot was French, but he spoke, Italian, German, Swedish, and English, he was very smart, and a very good guesser. Thus he comes up with not one, but two solutions! Both very good, but there is only one, and the one that is finally picked is astounding! I was in shock for five minutes and I am sure you would be too. Overall the book was wonderful and a great read.

This book sort of reminded me of another book I wasn’t able to put down. Last year I read Dan Brown’s Deception Point. I have to admit this book was just great.  When I was reading Murder on the Orient Express, I many times got so eager to know what happens in the end, because the alibis, evidence, reviewing facts over and over took was so long. What I tried to do was know the end, but then I stopped, since I have read Agatha Christie’s book before. I knew that in the end, it’ll all be worth it. So let’s not spoil the suspense and I continued reading the book.  On the whole, I think this book was perfect to start a new year, and it was definitely one of the best works of Agatha Christie!

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